Scania Chassis Class

Menunjukkan desain chassis berdasarkan fungsi dan aplikasi dari unit tersebut berdasarkan kondisi medan, jarak tempuh dan operasional.

L : Long-haulage

Chassis for transport tasks requiring more than one working shift. High annual mileage.

D : Distribution

Chassis for one or several transport tasks per day. Low annual mileage

tipe sasis
chassis classs scania truk
Kiri : Distribution chassis (D)
Kanan : Long-haulage chassis (L)

C : Construction

Chassis for varying transport tasks, frequently loaded only in one direction. Low annual mileage

G : Short & long distance

Short & long distance operations on unevenly surfaced or unsurfaced road. Technical payload capacity higher than legally permitted

tipe sasis
chassis classs scania truk
Kiri : Construction chassis (C)
Kanan : Short & Long distance chassis (G)

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